Reluctant New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Eve 2015-it’s that time again, New Year’s Resolutions. I hate them, but they can be helpful with getting my butt in gear and achieve goals. This year’s resolution was inspired by a gripe from my husband. A few weeks before New Year’s, the bottom fell out of the drawer in our china closet which holds all of my cookbooks. As my husband is fixing the drawer and reinforcing the bottom of it, he is complaining the entire time. “Do you have even use these cookbooks?” “I’ve never seen you use them!” “We should just get rid of them, or at least put them in a box in the basement.” Of course I balked at all of these options and swore to use them more, explaining away why I haven’t been using them, blaming it on how easy it is to use Pinterest or the Internet to find recipes. This all evolved into my New Year’s Resolution to only use cookbooks to cook, as well as other people’s recipes given to me or something I create with no recipe. In other words, no internet for cooking! It will be hard as I love to just type in an ingredient I have a lot of and find recipes to use it up.  I also love purusing through Pinterest, drooling over all of the pictures of food and corresponding recipes. But, I know if I use cookbooks and actually ask people questions, I will learn much more than my usual trial and error with Internet recipes! So here goes nothing!


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