Lemon Cardamom Ice Cream

Well, it is still a heat wave here in Philadelphia.  My car’s thermometer said 106° F when I got in it today.  Unbearable!  I think my brain is getting frazzled from the heat, because I accidentally opened a can of sweetened condensed milk, thinking it was a can of chickpeas.  I did not want the milk to go to waste, so I started looking up recipes that use sweetened condensed milk and many times “no churn ice cream”  recipes kept popping up.  Only problem was, all of them called for whipped cream, which I did not have on hand, nor did I want to go back out in the heat to get some.

Finally I found this recipe for Sweetened Condensed Milk Ice Cream, but in an ice cream machine.  This sparked a memory, that I actually have an ice cream maker that was given to my husband and I at a “date night” themed wedding shower that was thrown for us 5 years ago.

I wanted to add some of my own twist on the recipe and add some fun flavor.  Lemon cardamom ice cream was born!

lemoncardamomicecream (3 of 6)

The ice cream has been a big hit with family and friends who have tried it and I’m excited to try new flavors soon!  Just a heads up, if you make this, keep in mind that “store-bought” ice cream has additives to make ice cream melt slower and also to have a super creamy texture, so this will be a little different than what you may be used to, and it will melt quicker than “store-bought”.  If you eat Halo Top Ice Cream, you’ll know what I’m talking about.   Regardless, I think you’ll love it!

lemoncardamomicecream (5 of 6)

Lemon Cardamom Ice Cream


1 14oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk

4 Cups Milk or Half-n-Half (Half-n-Half will make a creamier ice cream)

1-2 tsp ground Cardamom

Zest of two Lemons or 1 tsp Lemon Extract

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract (optional)


Mix all ingredients in a bowl thoroughly.  Pour ingredients into ice cream machine and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  Serve soft or freeze for at least two hours for a harder consistency.  Enjoy!



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  1. This looks amazing! Sounds so refreshing too! YUM!

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  2. Never tried cardamom ice cream before but it looks delicious 😋

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  3. This looks delightful! YUM! 😍

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