What Produce is in Season?

As you know, from my last post, it is blueberry season here in Pennsylvania, but that is hardly the only produce in season at the moment.  This past weekend, when we went to pick blueberries, we also were able to help harvest many other fruits and vegetables that are in season in my family’s garden.  Raspberries being one of the fruits my husband was most excited to harvest.


Some of the other produce we were able to pick were peaches, summer squash, zucchini, collard greens, onions, rhubarb, cauliflower, broccoli and one lone green tomato that fell off the vine.  I picked it up because I remembered one of my co-workers asked for extra green tomatoes, if we ever have them, because she loves fried green tomatoes!

blueberryseason (8 of 10)

I try to make a point to eat foods that are in season and locally sourced as much as possible.  I know this is not always possible for everyone, but it is a good way to support local farms and businesses as well as help promote a sustainable environment, decreasing our dependence on genetically modified foods.  I found an amazing info-graph from PopSugar that reminds me of what is in season.  Print it out and save it for your shopping list!



The USDA also puts out a very helpful seasonal produce guide for the United States and check out this resource of what’s in season by state.  If you are reading this from around the world here are some seasonal produce guides for you:


United Kingdom
Western/Northern Europe

South America




The Middle East (This is link is specifically for August, but if you search the site there are other months available)


Hawaii/Pacific Islands

South Africa

Hope that helps!  If you have a good seasonal produce guide available for your area, let me know in the comments.





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  1. Great post Stacia and the seasonal guide is super useful!

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