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I’m sharing something a little different than usual today.  I’m going to start doing a Friday Funday type feature on Fridays where I will post something fun that is cooking and food related, but not a recipe. So for this first Friday Funday I am sharing about how I went to Home Goods the other day and found a lot of fun foodie and kitchen related items.  I became inspired to share my haul by Emma, at The Emma Edit, after reading her post, TK Maxx Homeware Finds.  I enjoyed checking out what she bought, and thought you might as well.  I love to shop, so all you shopping loving people out there, this post is for you! (Also, I am not sponsored by Home Goods, or any of these products, just sharing some shopping fun).

homegoodshaul (7 of 8)

First up, these pretty stoneware Deltis bread pans from Portugal.  Good for even baking and pretty for serving! You can buy a similar one here!

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I love LifeFactory bottles because they are glass, so no absorbing of flavors or yucky chemicals.  I also don’t have to worry about a bite valve or straw that can get moldy.  I have a smaller one of these bottles, but found I am constantly having to refill it, this is 22oz, so it will go a little further for my hydration needs!  Looking for a BPA free, sustainable way to hydrate, check out LifeFactory.

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This I bought just for fun!  I’m up for trying anything and this flavor intrigued me.  When I tasted it, I found it to be quite good.  If you like rose lassi, you’ll like this.

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I’m obsessed with tea and canisters.  ‘Nuff said. (The Capsoul Tea Company)

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I like to have a candy dish out for guests and in our guest room.  We just ran out, and these looked good.  Well, about 10 toffees later, I can say they are very tasty and may not last for guests!  Get your nosh on.

homegoodshaul (2 of 8)

Gotta have salt!  Season, season, season!

homegoodshaul (1 of 8)

Nesting bowls, colander and sieve, with measuring cups!  Awesome for my small kitchen and lack of space.  This was my son’s favorite of my finds.  He saw it and he was like “OOOOOOooooo”  “AAAAHHHHhhhhh” Have your own Ooo Ahhh moment!

homegoodshaul (1 of 1)

And then he promptly took it all apart and spread it all over the kitchen! Haha!

Now for my favorite find of the shopping trip…drum roll please!!!

homegoodshaul (8 of 8)

Oh yeah, Map of Philly Bag! I’m going to use this at work going from client to client.  I can’t wait to show off my Philly pride!

Well, that’s my Home Goods haul, hope you had fun checking it out.  What Home Goods finds have you had lately?


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