My Top Five Fav Foodie TV Shows

My Top 5 Foodie Shows

Last week for Friday Funday, I featured my top five fav foodie movies, so continuing the viewing theme, I decided to write about my favorite food related TV shows.  I hope you enjoy!

Top Chef top chef

Top Chef is a reality show that features a bunch of accomplished chefs competing against each other for the title of “Top Chef” as well as monetary and publicity related prizes.  The creativity of the chefs and the intensity of the challenges is very intriguing.  One of my favorite TV shows in general!

Bizarre Foods with Andrew ZimmernBizzare Foods with Andrew Zimner

Bizarre Foods combines two of my favorite things–food and travel!  It follows Andrew Zimmern around the world, where he tastes a variety of local delicacies, most of the time very strange and sometimes disgusting.  I love this show because he is always gracious and willing to try anything in all the cultures he visits.

The Food FlirtsTheFoodFlirts

The Food Flirts is a new show on NPR and I absolutely love it already!  It follows Brass sisters, who are ladies of a certain age, around while they “flirt” their way into restaurant kitchens to try new foods and cooking techniques.  They have a bucket list of what they want to try and are completely adorable.  This is a must see in my opinion–you get laughs and learn something too!

The Mind of a ChefThe mind of a chef

Also on NPR, The Mind of a Chef, is an intriguing show that delves deep into how chefs come up with new dishes and what makes them tick as chefs.  Each episode follows a different chef and is narrated by Anthony Bourdain.  If you are a huge foodie geek like me, you will love this show!

The Great British Bake Offthe great british bake off

The Great British Bake Off is quickly becoming a cult favorite for it’s quirky, laid back, baking competition.  Experienced Amateur Bakers, compete each week to ultimately be named the best amateur baker.  They have to endure a variety of baking challenges each week, and each week someone is “star baker”, and someone is eliminated.  I like this show because the contestants are not catty with each other, and while the judges are fair, they are kind in their critiques.  Just plain fun!

What are your favorite food related TV shows?

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